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Atri is a small village in Begunia situated in State High Way from Khurda to Nayagarh, Baangir nearer to Begunia situated in 20 degree 15’N and 85 degree 30’E in 20 degree 15’N and 85 degree 30’E.  It is 13 km far from Khurda, 2 km Baghamari and around 40km from Bhubaneswar.

This place is famous for sulfur spring and Famous Shrines temple dedicated to Lord Hatakeswara. Amidst  paddy fields  a  hot  spring  bubbles  up  from  the ground and a strong odors  of  sulphur  pervades  the locality.  The temperature of the spring water is about 55 degree Celsius.  The soil at the spring and for a considerable distance round it is composed of alluvium, of marl and literate.  The water of the hot spring is collected in a reservoir which is provided with outlets to prevent stagnation.   The circumference of the reservoir is 10 feet and the depth is 15 feet.  The water is clear and stones lying at the bottom of the reservoir are visible when the sun’s rays fall on the water.  It has been calculated that per hour 375 cubic feet of water is flowing out of the reservoir.

There is a belief that the spring has the miraculous power of removing the curse of barrenness from women. People used to throw coins, coconuts, betel nuts, and other fruits and flowers as offering into the reservoir. Barren women come to the reservoir before dawn,and search in the reservoir bed for fruits, nuts, etc.  Whatever thing their hands could catch they eat with the belief that they would be blessed with child within a year.Diseases are cured and even women have become fertile by drinking the water from the hallowed well. They even take a dip in the ‘Wishing Well’ (Maansik Kuaan).”

How to Reach:
· It’s 2 km far from baghamari ,13 km far from khurda, and 40 km far from Bhubaneswar.
· If you are coming from Nayagarh to Bhubaneswar direction then :

The Place is about 2 KM away from Baghamari on the Main Road which is connecting Khurda – Nayagarh and the distance of Baghamari from Khurda is about 13 KM, and about 36 Km from Bhubaneswar the State Capital of Orissa. Baghamari is well connected with Govt and Private Buses from Bhubaneswar and you can find Buses within one hour interval for Nayagarh. At Baghamari you can find Auto Rickshaws or Rickshaws to visit the Place or you can hair a vehicle from Khurda or Bhubaneswar for your own convenient.

·If you are coming from Bhubaneswar to Nayagarh way :
Start from Bhubaneswar towards Khurda, take a diversion from NH-5 towards Khurda bus stand (be on the lookout for milestones), reach Atri from there. You might encounter a place named Baghmari.
·Climate is always good to visit.
Famous for :
·Picnic spot.
·Sivaratri and Makar Sankranti festival.
·Skin Diseases people.

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